How to route a stereo VST to two mono tracks?

I use Addictive keys in my projects which lets you use several different microphones and mic placements on the piano. I often end up using one of the stereo coincident pair configuration in my tracks and since the two microphones both face away from each other, they pick up different very different frequencies.

In my DAW (Cubase) on my stereo track, I have the option to use the balance fader which sets the levels of either microphones which is handy. If I move the fader to the right the left microphone gets quieter and vice versa. In this specific song however, I only want to use one of the microphones from this coincident pair and pan it in the middle or just off center. In reality, I am not sure because I don’t know how to set this up to have control over just once mic panning as a mono track. How can one achieve this? Would routing the stereo track to two mono tracks be the way forward? Can you route a stereo instrument track to two mono tracks in Cubase? How can I set this up?

Other than the balance fader on my stereo track I also have a combined stereo panner which alows me to narrow the width of the two microphones and pan the combined stereo L or R but using this panner, I am unable to just isolate the L or R channel.


You can switch to the Stereo Combined Panner and set the width to 0.

Hi Martin. No this is not the same. Reducing stereo width to 0 sums both L and R channels together. I want to use just one microphone from the stereo capture of the piano and use it as a mono mic so I am able to pan it where I like.

We covered the options for you over on the SOS forums. If you really want to isolate L or R then you can use a plug-in ‘stereo tool’ on the VSTi output, or… render the VSTi to audio, split the rendered stereo track into mono and mute one of the resulting mono tracks.

But I really don’t see what advantage you believe you will get from muting one of the stereo sides as opposed to summing (or narrowing) both L/R.

Use mix6to2.

If I remember correctly, you mentioned that I would need a mono group which I could route the stereo track to, and yes that is an option, a good option in fact… but that is not a solution. I still need to figure out how to do that in Cubase and I don’t expect you on SOS to answer specific routing questions about Cubase. This is a question for the Cubase forum. If you actually know how to do this , please consider leaving writing a response to my post here.

FYI: I would prefer to use the mono group idea rather than converting to audio becuase not ready to comit to audio yet.

Thank you!

Right-click on the VSTi’s audio output channel and choose ‘Add Group Channel to selected channels…’. Then ask it to add a mono Group channel. Done.

But don’t forget that this does not not do what you originally wanted to do - this will group both L and R to a mono channel - not mute one or the other.

Ok thanks and I suppose to actually do that (have only one of the channels on a mono track) I will have to use the balance fader on the VSTi’s audio output, is this correct?

Ultimately that depends on how the pan control works in the VSTi, but yes, that will likely do it for you.

Just be wary of notes fading out over the L/R key range - that will possibly sound very odd.

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I usually use 2 stereo groups and use mix6to2s to cut one side in groups.

But if you really want to use 2 mono groups for a stereo vsti or any other tracks, you can do it like this;


Send is pre-fader/pan, so by using the balanced panner there, you can cut one side by that panner. If you want more symmetric routing, use 2 sends and float the output.

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Ok I think I understand. Please correct me if I am wrong. So your VST channel is panned left and that is routed to the L mono channel of the mono group. The right channel of the VST is routed using “SEND” and using the “send panner” which is panned to the right meaning the right channel of the VST will be routed to the R mono group. Is this what you have shown me?

You could also use 2 sends and disconnect the output.


  1. create 2 stereo group channels.
  2. Route the vsti track to those groups as stereo, e.g. use 2sends, 1 output and 1 send or 2 outputs using direct routing
  3. Insert mix6to2 to slot 1 of both groups
  4. for group1, cut right and copy left to both path using the mix6to2. For gr2, cut left and copy right.

This is usually more useful and I always take this route because you can insert mono as well as stereo plug-in to groups, e.g. you can use stereo reverbs or any other on the groups. You can always insert another mix6to2 to make the path mono again whenever you needed, and/or use mono plug-in and only process the left path then you can pan it to left&right, etc. it’s more flexible this way.