How to route audio to non-VST3 plugin's 8 inputs?


I am using Expert Sleepers’ Silent Way suite of non-VST3 plugins to control an analog modular synth. There are a wrap plugins in the suite that are used for different pieces of hardware, and each plugin has different in/out configurations. The plugins for the hardware I’m using (ES-3mk2 with ES-5 gate expander/ESX-8CV/ESX-8GT) have either 8 or 10 audio inputs (generally 4 stereo pairs) and need digital audio to be routed in specific ways in order for the hardware to work. I believe they were written a long time ago, with something like the VST 2.4 standard in mind at the time, and they have little reason to update to VST3.

Specifically, the ESX-5 Controller plugin has 8 inputs in which it can be used to send gate outputs to various analog gear (or send clock pulses, MIDI data, etc). Thus far I’m having trouble being able to access any of the inputs to a plugin like this, much less the correct set of inputs to be able to route data to the right CV/gate output port. FWIW, Ableton Live seems to handle this audio routing beautifully, but Cubase can’t, even though it’s routing has seemingly come light years ahead of where it used to be.

Has anyone else had success setting up Cubase Pro to work with Expert Sleeepers gear, and if so, how’d you get everything to work together???