How to route audio track to two outputs


I recently bought a headphone amplifier, to be used for headphones for singers that come to record vocals. The headphone amp (Samson S-phone) has 4 headphone channels and for each channel you can insert a secondary audio signal that is mixed with the main signal. Usually, the singer’s own channel is routed to this input, to make sure each singer hears himself better than all the other singers.

I’m using an RME Fireface 800 so I have more than enough outputs. However, how would I go about this in Cubase? Each singers audio track would have to be routed not only to MASTER (which is on analogue outputs 1 and 2 connected to the main inputs of the headphone amp) but also to another output, so I can connect it to the secondary input for that singer’s headphone channel.

I am using an FX channel with reverb as well. The reverb should be both on the MASTER as well as on the secondary output, otherwise it would sound strange to the singers and will probably distract them.

Ideally, this secondary output would only be active during recoring, so when I playback to them what was recorded, their voices would no longer sound louder but just be part of the MASTER mix. But this is not really necessary, just nice to have.

Any thoughts about how I can do this. Using Cubase 5.


2 options in Cubase 5. In either case you will want to connect the headphone send to 3/4 from your Fireface 800.

  1. Use the Control Room to setup a Studio/Cue mix (or 2, or 3, or 4) for the performers and use the Cue sends to have headphone mixes go out to the performers. I would highly recommend reading the section on Control Room in the C5 manual if you have not used it before:

  2. In the VST Connections window, go to Outputs, add dedicated outputs, then use the Sends in the mixer to send to these.

I’d recommend Control Room, but either should work.

I have never looked at the Control Room. Will give it a try and report back here.