How to Route Kontakt to Sampler Tracks?

Hi all, I noticed a composer using sampler tracks kind of like slaves to a master instrument track with one instance of Kontakt. Each new instrument loaded into Kontakt would route to a new sampler track below it. Kontakt automatically routes it’s instruments to midi channels 1-10 as you load them. So it seems all that’s needed is to assign each sampler track a midi channel (1-10), and link them to the kontakt instrument above.

You can see an example of this setup here: Notice each sampler track has a small grey box indicating the midi channel it’s routed to. (He’s using Cubase 9.5).

My problem is that when I load a sampler track, I don’t see that grey box or a way to assign it to a midi channel. I’ve checked under ‘track control settings’ for the sampler track and can’t find anything like it. Am I missing something, or is this a feature that only exists in Cubase 9.5?

Oh sorry, just noticed this is the German forum!! Will repost in the correct place.