How to route mixer to objects for Dolby atmos

Channel 11 to 20 is not showing up as objects.
I’m trying to build an atmos template.

How do u route 7.1.4 two ambisonics for headphone playback?

Not sure why you’re doing it this way. You’re using eleven objects for each multi-object, so you’ve used 110 objects already, and you only have 128.


Seems you do not have any Bed assigned, that might be a cause for the problem.
As far as I know 1 bed is mandatory.


Sorry for the late reply
I’ve figured out the problem the planner was 714 I change it to mono or stereo.

And do u set up the headphones for Atmos couldn’t get it to work when I followed this video Atmos Monitoring on Headphones | Spatial Audio Meets AI - YouTube

Is there are there any plugins to fix phase issue for the binaural mix I notice there phase issue when I pan a sound it causes phase issues
Or maybe I’m doing it wrong in supervision is there any automatic phase plug-in that will fix this and do u put I on the insert.

And how do set up a stereo reverb make it into a 3D reverb and delay