How to route outputs 1,2,3 &4 to phones 1 & 2 with UR44

Is there a way to route the outputs 1,2,3 & 4 in order to listen through phones 1 &2 with UR44?

general, of course. why it won´t work by you?

i’m using it with mainstage 3, i have a bit to be listened on outputs 3&4 in order to not be listened on the main outputs, but now i want to listen all outputs in the headphones 1&2 acting as a monitor, so my question is how to setup this way, by default in the headphones only hear the main outputs

A question better asked from a Logic forum. That is routing from DAW. Nothing Cubase users will have any clue about.

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Unsure how you would do this from inside your DAW but -
You can use the dspMix software to configure the 2 individual cue mixes, cue mix 1 and cue mix 2.
Cue Mix 1 always feeds headphone output 1 but can also be set to include headphone output 2 (which is what you want)
Cue Mix 2 can be set to feed headphone output 2.

Have a look at the screenshots included in my reply on the other post about routing inputs 1-4 to outputs 1-4.

I use the UR44 live and I have some backing from Cubasis output to Main L&R Outputs and Line Outputs 1 and 2 and a click track that outputs to Line Outputs 3 and 4. This also means that the main mix appears in the headphones 1 output and the click track on headphone 2 output.
Hope that helps.

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