How to route outs to a new channel. ACK!

Hi guys.
I ask this rather sheepishly. Via Cubase 9, I am looking to hit play on one of my recorded tracks (TRACK A), and have the output of that track (including all fx, automation, etc) RECORD in real time on another track (TRACK B). I cannot figure how to route this. I know it’s silly, but in all these years, I’ve never encountered having to do this.

What should track A’s OUTs be set to?
And what should track B’s INs be set to?

PS. In case you were wondering, rendering in place, freezing, exporting, etc., those options will not suffice for the job at hand.

Thank you!


Add Group Channel. Make sure, Group Channel is not routed to an output (set Not Connected). Track B input set to the Group. Track A output set to the Group. Enable record on track B and record.

Why not Render in Place?