How to route recorded tracks out to external gear for mix?


I need help with explaining how to route…

My gear: 3 RME converters 24in/out Nuendo. After I have tracked a song I want to route ALL tracks out of NUENDO through my external hardware EQ:s and compressors and IN again to NUENDO and make a mixdown stereotrack…

I have a Switchcraft patchbay …How do I do??

plese help,

Micke S.

Assign each piece of outboard gear (in the VST Connections dialog) an in/out as an “External Effect”, if you have the real estate; then use the hardware just as you would a plugin.

Or… did you already know this, and are looking for other options?


Hi, I was not sure if that would work… I am doing so with reverbs but did not know if it was possible with eq and compressor. I am new to my patchbay and it is … quite overwhelming when trying to remember where the signals are going, So I do not have to patch with cables in the patchbay? I will try again what you are suggesting. Big Thank`s! P.S what does “having the real estate” mean? Iam from Sweden…

Micke S.

I meant, if you have adequate ins and outs on your interface-- each piece of hardware will require dedicated ins and outs; they can add up, especially with stereo FX!

No need to go through the patch bay…


Ok! Thank’s!