How to route sound from the browser to Cubase 13 Pro?

Hello! I am trying to reach the next goal: I would like to route sound from my web browser Chrome to my VST “Waves Key Detector” which gives the possibility to know in which key the song was created. Is it possible to do this with Cubase 13 PRO or any other software?

I have:
RME Babyface Pro (External Sound Card)
Windows 10 Pro (OS)
Google Chrome (Web browser)
Cubase 13 Pro (DAW)

In run my windows audio outputs into my converter inputs and use that stereo pair as audio inputs to cubase. Works pretty well if your interface plays nicely with windows and cubase at the same time. I use Lynx AES16Es and Lynx Aurora converters.

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The sound device you are using is RME which means you have TotalmixFX. So you’ll just need to look up how to do a loopback in Totalmix.

There are other ways but I would say for RME users that is the easiest. And also it’s highly useful to know how to do loopback in Totalmix. :slight_smile:


Fully agree with Phil. You have RME, so you have TotalMix. Therefore you can use Loopback to route an output back to an input on a software level without cables required.
Check out RME’s tutorial videos on YT on how to set up Loopback.