How to run Cubase pro from Cubase artist?

After installing Cubase Artist 8, I was able to run Cubase Pro in demo mode. I removed the window, where I was offered to choose which version to run, but now I want to see Cubase pro. How can I run the Pro version in the demo mode from Cubase Artist?

Hi Katbertjazz,

go tho Cubase preferences / General. There you should find the option you are looking for.


Hi, Luis.
Thanks for the answer.
I found and activated in preferences “Run Cubase Pro 8 trial version an next program start” , but when I run the program the next time opens Cubase Artist again.

There is probably a time limit, from the first time you use Pro, after which the demo period has expired. Just my guess. Does your eLCC have an expired Cubase Pro 8 trial license on it?

Yes, I have a license to Cubase pro trial and it is still valid.

In that case, I can offer no more advice.


open the eLC, select the Cubase Pro 8 trial license, then go to the menu “Actions” and click on “Start License Usage Period”.

If that still doesn’t help, send me a PM with your USB-eLicenser’s number.


Had the same problem…

Tried many different things, finally:
:exclamation: Deleted my Cubase 8 preferences (on mac: user/library/preferences/cubase 8) (Of course i did a backup, before)

Voilà! Option is shown again at startup and it works!

Now I’m copying my old preferences back, trying to figure out which very file was the bad one.

Hint: it might be the “Demo.xml” which was in my (old) preferences and had an entry of “never”.


Problem re-appeared after using regular Artist version for some time. This time, i only deleted the Demo.xml in ~/library/preferences/cubase 8/ and the next startup i got the good 'ol pop-up allowing me to start the Pro Trial version.

Hope this works for others as well.