How- to-Rythms

Hi, I’m a fresh newb…severe.
I just got the zoom R24 with Cubase LE…hooked to my PC. But I am concentrating on just using the R24 for now…not the PC.
I would like to use one of the rhythms into one of my songs. How do I get the rhythm into track 1 or both track 1 & 2 stereo. Then I can record guitars on track 3 , bass on track 4 …vocals track 5 …solo track 6 etc…
If I have to assign the rhythm to the tracks how do i? Do I have to sit there & hit REC & let the Rhythm play through to the end of my song? ie- for 3 mins etc?
Then rew to beginning…select track 2 …start recording rhythm guitar…while my freshly recorded drum rhythm plays back to me as i hit REC to do the guitars etc…etc…
How do I lol? Can you walk me through it?

that’s wild…I got a top of the line custom PC & can’t get this cubebase to work…bought some add ons as well…guess i got ripped off…can’t get my mic to work or my speakers…your software is crap. No help from this community…