How to salvage a broken file?

I recieved a live multitrack recording recorded with a Mac. I don’t know which program was used.
Unfortunately the Mac broke down right after the last note, and the files weren’t properly closed. File lenghts looks right.
I’ve tried all WL’s import options, but all I get is noise.

Any advice ?


Try with RME Wav File Batch Processor 131
download from right column

try with Reaper, Audacity as well
or wait for PG or Justin to answer I think…

check here to…

regards S-EH

WaveLab might open a file with a corrupted header (there is a feature for this). But if some audio file can be opened and its end is noise, no software will be able to help.

Well, - this is strange…
Wavelab couldn’t recoqnize the wav file, but they all imported into Cubase without problems.
Go figure… - all is well :slight_smile:

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