how to sample an actual instrument key by key?


I’m new to this stuff. I’m trying to sample some of my vintage keys and organs. Some of them sounds fine when I do the shortcut and sample just one key/tone (one .wav) and let the Halion do the rest and transpose. However, some of the instruments need to be sampled key by key to sound authentic.

So I recorded all the notes/keys, have all the wav files ready but I have no clue how to proceed. I have tried to assign each note a new “program” with its own wav and limit each tone with its exact key position in the midi section but that did not work. Also I am not sure how to use the midi channels on this one. Do you I need more channels or do I just use one?

thanks for any help

All your samples go in a single Program. I usually have a separate layer for each velocity level. Then every note for that velocity goes in that layer. It’s much easier if you use Halion’s semi automation features as it auto maps samples to keys with the correct root key for each sample. But you may have to do that manually in the mapping screen if you have a bunch of samples already recorded.

You dont have to do it manualy, if names of samples including notes. Actuly I think that there is more mapping options, definitely described in manual.