How to save a project externally

Since I have just started using iPad, my question can be silly.

How can I save a project externally? Are there ways to save it in a external hard disk, maybe in wirelessly accessible one? If not, how can I save it in a cloud service like iCloud, Dropbox or whatever it is?


and welcome to Cubasis! You can either export a project directly to dropbox out of Cubasis if your ipad is connected to the internet or you can use itunes to transfer projects to your PC and then to a cloud service of your choice. Our Cubasis user guide explains all the options:

Let me know if you need more help!


Thank you Ricardo,

Although my understanding is far from the enough, I have now understood how to save approximately (at least I could save it in Dropbox). Would you (or anybody) inform me of the below?

  1. How can I restore the saved project in Dropbox? I mean how to import the shared project in the Dropbox into the Cubasis.

  2. Is there any way to save projects in Google drive or other similar services?

  3. I still have difficulties to understand how to save through WiFi Server. First, I could not understand the way of “Go to the Setup menu and enable the WiFi Server” in the description under Anyhow I found the IP address of the WiFi router. Although I enter the IP address number in the address bar on Google Chrome, the browser led me to an unrelated website. When I enter it in the in the address bar on Internet Explorer, a dialogue box was popped up and ask for the user name and password. I imput the name of the computer’s administrator and the log-in password, “401 Unauthorized” was shown. I tried the WiFi router’s SSID and the security key, which caused same thing.

Hi MicciHay,

Dropbox allows to open saved project files in Cubasis again via “open in” (simply choose “Cubasis” here).

Regarding WiFI server:
Please make sure Cubasis and your computer use the same network.
Following the steps from the in-app help description should guide you best afterwards.

Please note that iTunes File Sharing is another great and simple option to share files between Cubasis and your computer also. The “MediaBay” section in the in-app help provides more details.

Hope that helps.