How to save all samples with a single instance of Groove Agent

If I have 4 kits [agents] loaded, how can I export all 4 kits with samples or must I export each kit one by one which is unnecessarily time consuming? For example, is there no option when saving entire Groove Agent presets to ‘save with samples’?

Thanks in advance.

Even a “no, this isn’t possible” answer will suffice for closure.

I forgot to reply to this. This is possible in Halion 6, but Groove Agent 4’s Multi/Combi saving seems to be based on Halion Sonic, which isn’t capable of saving samples with Multis.

You’ll have to export each of the 4 kits with samples separately, then you can save a Multi to load all of them at once.

Thanks for confirming this. Hopefully they can add this in a future update. It makes exporting & saving multis less time consuming.