How to save and combine video with music in Cubase?

I have a small problem in Cubase. Namely, for a few years composing music on this program, recently I wanted to experiment with film. So editing the film and composing music for this movie.
My question is. How to save and combine video with music in Cubase?

Thanks in advance.

How to save and combine video with music in Cubase?

Not possible…you should export audio from Cubase and combine with video in your video editing software or a specific muxing software.

EDIT: Actually not completely true as you may be able to utilise replace audio in video to do it, but it’s quite format fussy.


Actually you can sort of ext video in Cubase (certainly in Nuendo, haven’t tried it in Cubase) - the video track can be cut and joined. But that misses the point, it’s not video editing software.

What it is VERY good at is audio and MIDI recording mixing and editing, so import your video footage from wherever and get to work!

I highly recommend that you export the audio from Cubase, then use your video editing application of choice. You will have far fewer issues with codecs, and you’ll have fare more control over the final video file, etc… Also, for best performance, you can use a lower-resolution version of the video file in Cubase, while working on the score. Then, in the video editing application, when you merge the audio and video, you can then render to a much higher quality file with better codecs/resolution, etc… for the final video file. Besides, this is a standard workflow for film scoring anyway. :slight_smile: Your score will be tacked on to a workflow that may span several other people in the production pipeline, from the editor to producer, director, colorist, etc…

Good tips by uarte. As he mentioned, its better to keep the video resolution low enough in cubase , for your convenience in which you need to pass your work through different people, you can use the option “Replace Audio in Video File”. Cubase doesn’t support exporting video.