How to save GA 5 Kit to use in GA SE?

I’m new to Groove Agent Full Edition and I have kit mixed and saved with my own samples, however, when I export it with samples or save a preset I can’t open it in SE. It seems to have saved and exports as a multi even though I only created one kit.
Is there a way to save the kit so that it functions in SE with all the internal mixing in order to share it?

I haven’t found a way to export a GA5 kit for SE directly. I haven’t experimented with changing the plugin type field in Media Bay of Cubase, or the GA browser yet…you might give that a try to see if that field can be changed.

You might try first loading a true GA SE init template first, save that with a new name, and confirm that saves as an SE kit. Reconstruct anything you wish to share from there.

Or, just start the kit build in SE, and then ‘finish it’ in GA5 if there are things that require more advanced editing than SE can do. Perhaps it will preserve that the kit should work in SE?

Thanks for offering up some things to try. Much appreciated

Hi Brian,
The plugin field is locked unfortunately, as for the other things, I ended up rebuilding the kit in SE, because as soon as I make alterations in GA5 I loose the ability to use it in SE.
It seems like a strange choice not to be able to export for SE. I wonder why they have done this or perhaps it is an oversite?

No idea. As far as I know the full version of GA has never given users a way to export kits for SE. Perhaps in the future it’ll be more like HALion 6, with access to LUA, macro builders, and content packing tools, along with a portable free SE player that works in any DAW? I have no idea if that’s in the plans for the future, nor how far into the future if it is in the works, but it’d be nice if they did.

We finally got all that in HALion with version 6 (H5 could save HSE presets, but we had no macro building kit, very little documentation for LUA, and SE only worked in Steinberg Hosts), which in my opinion is a very nice instrument and sound creation tool. If you happen to have H6, and want ‘portable instruments’, maybe that’s the route to take for now when making instruments you intend to share with select groups of friends, or put on the market for sharing/selling…for now.

With H6, drum kits are easy to make without the MPC feel, it can load and use MIDI patterns, and has arp generators that can mimic styles in GA. It’s possible to make MPC-like macro screens (though there is a decent learning curve to making HALion macro screens and mastering LUA for the purpose).

Cool, food for though. Thanks