How to save into media bay from project window???

i’m playing into my project thru my ipad synths from cubasis 2 patched thru my mixer so its creating an actual sample in my stereo bus …and i would like to save that sample to my media bay for access in the future, is there a way to drag it over to my media bay and save it without having to strip the project down and do a full blown export of just the one sample? i thought this was possible in cubase 8 , i am running 8.5 pro . help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

its odd …i went back and fired up cubase 8 instead of 8.5 and it does work…did they remove the functionality in 8.5 or somthing? because if they did they need to bring that back immediately or i for sure wont be buying 9, when i write my own music to be able to be looped i like to actually be able to save it and use portions at later times if i feel like it

it’s conceivable. you can save from the file menu though, I think under ‘export’.

right but say ive laid out multiple layers and i want to save them individually…if i export i have to literally pull all the stuff to the start 0 bar mark, set the locators , mute everything but that 1 track and export it and keep repeating this until i finally get thru all of them…why would they make it such a pain when it was as simple as dragging it into the media bay window in my user folder and giving it a name or is there somthing im missing here?

What about using Render in Place?