How to save presets ratings (I want to reinstall OS)

Hi folks,

I was wondering how can I save the presets ratings, because I want to run a full OS reinstallation.

I developed a personal sound identification method based on the star ratings, which will allow me to immediately reach the sound I want:

  • = cinematic (stuff that doesn't sound very... musical)

** = rhythmic (gated or rhythm stuff)
*** = drone (atmos and instruments that cannot be used as solo instruments)
**** = solo instruments (instruments that can be used for solo parts)
***** = best of solo instruments

I already spent several days to rate presets, now I would like to have these saved in order to avoid loosing precious time again. I would also need to have the solution for Halio 5… but also for the rest of the stuff you have the ratings system available (I own them all).

Any suggestions on this topic? I’m postponing the OS reinstallation while expecting for a solution to this…

Maybe you could try to back up your User settings data folder.
It should also contain your media bay ratings.

But I haven’t tried it.

Thank you for your reply, Misohoza. In the meanwhile I had to reinstall OS and of course, I lost all the previous work.

Steinberg, thank you for your “quick” reply. A suggestion for the future… do an effort and provide an answer, even if this answer it’s a negative one. Something like… “this feature doesn’t exist yet” or something, instead of ignoring our requests of help. That would be decent. I guess it’s obvious I’m pretty much disappointed of your nonexistent support.