How to save reduced playback speed files?

Have an interesting problem. I have a 3.75 ips tape but no 3.75 ips playback tape player. I do have a 7.5 ips tape player which allowed me to digitize this tape a double normal speed using 16/48KHz dgitization. When I use the Playback Speed button in the Transport bar with settings for 50% playback, the digitized file sounds fine with a bit of corrective EQ.
My issue is how do I then save this 50% reduced playback file for its normal 3.75 ips playback? [Reducing the sampling rate to 24KHz does not work, as other the digital playback systems can’t cope with the 24KHz sampling rate!] HELP!!!

Modify the sample rate there, to 24kHz. Then resample to 44.1k so as to be playable.


Can Time stretching also work?
If 120.000 then use 60.000 and save file or?

regards S-EH

THANKS SO MUCH, PG1! A bit convoluted way to accomplish it, but indeed yes, it works!!!

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