How to save Remote Devices Settings?

I have a CMC-PD that I use to trigger key commands. The generic remote has an import/export feature. Is there any way to back up the key commands I programmed within Cubase? Or where is this stored so I can back up the file?


There is a known bug. Once you save the Generic Remote Device’s preset, then it’s persistant with Cubase.

I just figured it out! Assign the buttons you want in the generic remote setup. Apply, and export, make a name for it, then BEFORE you do anything more, import the same gen remote file you just made, apply again and save. And now voila, cubase will remember your generic setup! Works for me on mac pro.

Unfortunately, I don’t see that option for the CMC-PD as it is not a “generic” remote. Any other ideas?


This is not Generic Remote Device, this is specific Steinberg CMC-PD device. This is the reason, why you cannot export it.

Really, Nuendo doesn’t remember this settings?

It does remember the settings. But somehow they were erased (along with preferences, key commands, etc.) Those were simple enough to re-import. But this device had to be re-programmed from scratch. Was hoping there was a .xml file somewhere I could have grabbed from a backup.

It is stored at the same folder as preferences, Key Commands, etc. So it seems, for some reason the whole preferences has been deleted, then it was deleted even with this settings.

OK. What is this file called?