How to save Stereo Out settings as a Track Preset?

I know how to save track preset on an audio or MIDI track.

How do I do it on my main Stereo Out though? I’ve got a nice mastering style setup that I’d like to recall for other projects Im working on.

Im thinking if I can get the stereo out track to appear in the project window then I could do it easily, just having a lil trouble trying to get that set up… :unamused:


Hit the Write button on the Output track and it will appear in the tracklist. Don’t know if TP’s apply to them, though.

Hmmmm…ur right. Cant save or load TP that way.

I guess I can save the EQ and Insert settings separately and reload.

Speaking of which, when I save an insert preset, does it save all of the settings of the actual plugins? Do the plugins just load as their defaults?


Try it yourself…!?