How to save text frame to a specific flow?

I struggle a bit with this problem: In a project I have 25 songs for a choir. Some of the songs has so many verses, that I need to create 2 to 6 text frames below the music. Now the problem occur when a song BEFORE these songs are edited in a way, that make them longer or shorter! This will mean, that all the text frames are moved, NOT along with the flow they are written for but to pages before OR after, depending of the edit performed!
So a text frame created on page 6, will STAY on page 6 even though the flow is moved!

Is there a way to LOCK the text frame to this specific flow?
And if the answer is NO, will there be?

The answer is indeed “no”, and as to whether or not this might become possible in future, I’m not sure. Certainly I think there is a need for blocks of text that are attached to particular points in the music, though whether we would choose to implement that using the kinds of text frames we already have or would do something new, I can’t say.

In the meantime, you can use the buttons to move a page override left or right in the Pages panel in Engrave mode to move the page with the text boxes on as needed.

Whenever I have to add “peculiar” text frames to pages (which I do in some musical theater scores) I almost always create special custom Page Templates for those pages so that, if I need to move the page, I can reassign the custom template in Engrave mode and save myself a lot of work.

If you’re not using the “Other info” field in Project Info for these flows for anything else, you can also “save” the text there for quick and easy reference.

Well that could be a solution. So the page overrides are indeed the text frames!
I didn’t know! Also now I have gone the “create new page template” road, but that means I have to move all the misplaced text frames manually, and that takes time.

I always add these as staff text, with collision turned off. Then I hide and position them per layout as needed. That way the text always flows with the music.