How to save to specific File Groups in Project

Hi all …

I must have missed something basic, I’n sure.

But, I cannot seem to work out how to save something to a specific File Group in a Project.

For example: I have a Project where there are a Batch processor File Group, A Montage File Group and an Editing File Group.

I create a montage from a single file in the Editing File Group. This new montage is now residing by default in the editing File Group (along side the file that it was created from).

But I want to save it in the Montage File Group.

Is there a way to do this? It doesn’t really matter if there isn’t … I’d just like to know.


But I want to save it in the Montage File Group.

To be accurate, one should say: “I want to place it in the Montage File Group.”
Indeed, a file group is primarily a file list.

Now, if you want to move a file to another file group, simple drag the file tab (up/down) and drop it to the desired file group tab.

Or do you mean something else?

Thanks PG …

That is essentially what I was looking for.

Apologies for the lingo.