How to save volume handle changes to a clip's source audio?

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I’ve got a large batch of small clips with very specific filenames that need to be left unchanged, and I’m pulling them all into a session for purposes of volume balancing between the clips. It’s easy for me to do this using the volume handles on each clip, adding a few dB of gain on this one, attenuating on that one, so on down the line.

What I need to do is print/write/save/bake these changes into each source audio file, leaving it exactly as it came into the project save for any volume changes I made to it. For the life of me I can’t find a simple way to do this and ensure that each clip ends up with precisely the same filename that it started with.

I did try exporting my entire project into a single file, re-importing that file and then using a macro to cut it according to the clips it came from which leaves me with a sequentially-numbered set of clips. Unfortunately issues with the filenames of the clips is making it night impossible to get them renamed properly again (the filenames include hex values, and different filesystems sort that data differently, so it’s a nightmare).

Anyway, if anyone knows an easy way to basically bounce out each clip with its original filename, I’d be grateful and send you a case of beer in the mail.

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Yes, but you’ll likely have to start the job over…

First thing you need to do is make a back up of all of your source files… just temporarily stick them someplace safe in another folder.


i. go to preferences -> Editing -> Audio - On import audio files -> select open options dialog

ii. be sure all of your source files are not in the projects audio folder.

iii. new project, be sure setting are set up so that them match what your intended delivery is… (bitrate,samplerate,wav or aiff etc)

iv. Create this macro and assign it a key command.
Transport - Locate Next Event
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Transport - Nudge Cursor RIght
Navigate - Down
Navigate - Right
Edit - Move to Cursor


1.All at once, drag and drop all of your source files from into the project folder

2.when the insert objects pop up displays, select “different tracks”

3.when the import options pop up displays, UNCHECK all boxes and click OK

  1. Nuendo will create a new track with the files name as the track name for each audio file.

  2. De-select all the files and tracks and go to track one.

  3. Highlight and locate to the start of the first file on the first track.

  4. Use your macro you created, to create horizontal spacing between each sound. ( go slow at first, give it time to finish the secquence )

  5. Do the actual job and make your volume adjustments. Be sure you are really finished before the next step.

  6. save your session here… Select all your audio on all tracks and select AUDIO->BOUNCE SELECTION

  7. Replace events? YES

If you have done all the steps correctly, you will now have all your edited audio files in your projects audio folder, they will different files, but will have the same names they came in with.

If you need to do it over again, it will only work if the audio folder is empty and the records in the audio pool are removed.

  1. UNDO < do not miss this step

  2. Open the audio pool

  3. right click / remove unused media / trash

  4. right click trash, empty trash - ERASE

Now you will be where you were before bouncing to disk, you can make adjustments and try again.

Man, that’s one heck of a workaround (especially when I’m doing this with anywhere from 200 to 2,000 files), but it does indeed get the job done and save me some headaches. Thanks so much for the help!

I wasn’t kidding about the case of beer. What’s your flavor and where should I send it?

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haha you can owe me one

glad it worked out

have fun