How to screenshare Cubase on a Zoom call? I can't get audio into Zoom

Greetings -

I’m taking part in a Zoom-based songwriting group. Other participants are using Logic Pro, Garage Band, and Ableton. They are all able to screenshare their DAWs, and the associated audio, over Zoom.

I, on the other hand, can’t. I’m running Cubase 8 Pro on a Windows 10 Pro machine. I CAN get Cubase to screenshare, but I can’t get any audio into Zoom. I’ve checked “share audio”, I’ve tried 3 different drivers (generic high-latency driver, ASIO4All, and Focusrite ASIO). None of these work with Zoom. The guy who uses Ableton showed me, via his screenshare, how he selects “Zoom audio out” from his audio out section on Ableton. There is nothing like that in Cubase; my choices are the computers speakers/headphones, or Focusrite. No Zoom option.

Anyway, have any of you guys used Cubase on a Zoom call? If so, I will give you $10,000,000 if you tell me how to proceed. I wish.

thanks in advance - Richard

It should work with voicemeter banana, at least it did for me a couple of years ago. I also use it to record Cubase output for YouTube