How to see the moved position of "Engrave mode" also in "Write mode"?


Is it possible to see the moved position of “Engrave mode” also in “Writing mode”?

The score looks the same in Page view, in Engrave and Write mode.

In Galley view, it might help to increase the gap between the staves. That is in Layout Options / Vertical Spacing near the end of the Ideal Gaps section.

In general, if you’ve shifted something around in Engrave, it won’t show the shift in Galley View. Page View, yes.

The intent is to mostly write first, then tweak later.

Yes, but for example if you use a lot of lines or are playing around with hide staves or other examples of notation where the formatting is part of the score, this is a huge issue (especially with Galley and Engrave turned on). Dorico 3.5 still does this and it seems like a simple fix: just set the top-left corner of the window to the same place in Write as in Engrave and match the zoom levels.