How to see what MIDI signal is my keyboard sending

I have an older Roland MIDI keyboard that I took out of mothballs and it seems to be sending some sort of MIDI message and I was wondering if I could use Cubase to diagnose what is going on. When I connect the keyboard to my MIDI interface (midi express 128) whatever channel I connect it to will flicker constantly as if the keyboard is sending messages. I’ve eliminated almost everything I can think of i.e. cables, power supply, reset unit to stock settings etc but the light continues to flicker. Other than this flicker everything seems to be working fine. Cubase recognizes it and I can record MIDI as expected.

Is there a way to scan or see which messages Cubase is receiving from this keyboard?

Please disregard. I found the tool MIdi OX and it seems to be the tool I was looking for.

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Also, Cubase has the built-in midi insert, Midi Monitor.

edit: The Cubase midi monitor doesn’t display the Active Sensing messages, btw


Ends up the keyboard sends out at active sense message every 300 milliseconds. That’s what was creating the flicker.

I filter Active Sensing here on my midi patchbay.

It doesn’t look like my model (MOTU midi express 128) allows that. I think they do on the higher up models but not mine.

You could do it through a midi plugin if ya can find one