How to see where flows begin

I am unable to see where flows begin and end in the score. Are there signposts for this (which I can’t see) or is there some other technique? Various things are confusing me at the moment, such as when I apply a different page template ongoing everything mucks up and flows seem to get duplicated, but that is the topic for a different post where I shall detail this more. Dorico

You could assign key commands for Go To Next/Previous Flow? It will take you to the start of that flow.


It’d be nice to have a signpost too.

For working, you could also make sure each flow ended with a final barline to give you a visual cue. At the completion of the project, just turn those into regular barlines until the last truly final barline.

  • Or… you could temporarily set an indent for each flow to say…20 to visually “pop” it out.

  • Another idea is to add system or staff text on the first note of a flow indicating the flow name “Flow 3”, etc.

  • Or you could look into using Markers [Shift-Ctrl-M] to set these at positions that coincide with start of flows. I believe this works for Full Scores only. This gives a nice look visually while you are working.

All of the above require some adding and removal operations…

But of course, working in Galley View solves all of this as they are separate “manuscript” areas.


If one chooses a flow panel in Setup, does that not jump to the start of that flow?

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