How to select a Voice with all notes etc.?

I would like to have a voice marked insammt all playing instructions, notes. What is the fastest way to do this? Using the system track is not a solution, because all voices are marked.

Edit > Filter > Voices ?

I thought so too, but I only see chices like stemms up oder down. But I saw It works when I simply selct it. But it would be helpful if I would know how to mark one voice at once.

The Voices submenu should also show individual items for each voice that exists on the selected staff or staves. Is it not working like that for you?

Kinda, If I want Copy some Bars in only 1 Voice with notes and Chords symbole, I don’t see that option to select it. Is there a way to do so or do you have to do it in two stepts, which is not at all time saving?

Perhaps you are thinking the action is select, starting from no selection. But it’s the opposite: What the filters do is subtract from the current selection, leaving only the desired bits selected. First you select a passage, and then the submenu gives you appropriate options to filter from that selection.