How to Select All on the iPad

Hello, I am on the road with my iPad only and got an emergency call to transpose an aria (for the Sunday morning service…).
I copied the music successfully into Dorico iPad version, added all Figured Bass numbers and now am trying to do the Transposition (1 and 1 1/2 steps down).
My problem: I can’t find a way to Select All - before doing the Transposition. In the iPad version I have to rely on the little buttons in the second row. I haven’t found a way to include the Figured Bass numbers - and without that, the Transposition will become a mess. Any help welcome.

I have no idea about iPad but can you use the System Track?

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Thanks Daniel, this saved me! I forgot about the System Track. Once I made it visible, selecting all worked and included the Figured Bass numbers.

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For posterity - this wasn’t obvious to me, to select a set of contiguous system track bars you have to have the selection button enabled. With a keyboard Shift doesn’t work in this context.

The System track is a clever solution to the frequent problem of needing to select everything in a bunch of bars.

I’m pretty sure that, in the iPad version, if you want to transpose the whole flow there’s no need to select anything before transposing. As long as nothing is selected, the Transpose dialog will transpose the whole flow.


you make me smile,
you make me laugh:
it’s really that easy, for a Transposition of a whole flow one does not need to select anything. Charming application that is (=Dorico).
Thank you.

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IIRC, it’s been implemented this year, during the Dorico 4 cycle, that’s why you probably had missed it before Pianoleo reminded that here :wink: