How to select all tracks in one swell foop

My projects commonly have 100+ tracks – all of which are in folders for sanity. I’d like to be able to select ALL of the midi tracks (which are all inside folders). The docs say select the top and bottom track while holding down shift. But that only selects the FOLDERS, not the TRACKS inside. If you open the folders first then select top and bottom, that works, but then I’m looking at having to open all the folders first, THEN select the top and bottom tracks. Ugh!

I’ve tried a PLE with just “Container Type = Track” – nothing happens. Maybe it needs an Action of “Track Operation | Selected | Set” but there is no such option.

Help, help! Thanx!!

Try adding a pre-process command to open the folders: Folding:Unfold Tracks, like so:

That should do the job.

That’s a helpful step, thank you! But it still isn’t accomplishing the objective. At least as far as I can tell. I’m expecting that after I ‘select all tracks’ that I’ll see all tracks selected/highlighted. But I’m not.

Could you verify you are doing precisely the Loject Progical Editor preset shown?

What tracks aren’t selected? I tested the command with midi and audio tracks only, potentially that might make a difference.

No tracks are selected after running this script. My PLE looks exactly like yours.

My expectation is that I run this command and all tracks are selected/highlighted. (MIDI is all I use). So far that is not the case!

Did you make sure that at the bottom of the PLE you chose “Select”?

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Duh, that was it! Thanks!