how to select and effect multiple clips with fade out

Greetings all
so i pose the question today, is there a way in the audio montage to select multiple clips (10 to be exact in my personal scenario), and put a fade out on all of them at the same time? I’ve tried to do what i thought we’re usual steps to accomplish such a task but none of them have worked, so I pose this for the other experts out there, thanks in advance.

Usually if you select all the clips and then press and hold the alt/option key while you draw a fade on one the clips, it will be applied to all selected clips.

yes, thats it exactly, thank you

No problem. Unfortunately my related request of selecting multiple clips and then using a shortcut to apply a particular fade curve (such as Exponential) to all the clips at one time is not possible, that must be done one at a time.

But basic trimming, and fading using the existing nodes is possible to mirror across multiple clips by holding option/alt.


That particular limitation is one I’ve just had to become resigned to. Of course, it’ll be resolved by the hoped-for appearance of full multi-channel file handling…