How to select audio by navigation tracks?

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if i navigate by audio it also select the track but if i navigate thro tracks it not selecting the audio.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

First of all, lets make the terminology clear.

Let me rephrase it with the correct terminology:
If you navigate by Audio Events/Parts, the track becomes selected in the Track List (thanks to the preferences: Track Selection follows Event Selection; which is disabled by default, but you enabled it). But if you navigate through the Track List, the Audio Events/Parts don’t become selected.

This function is not available in Cubase. But, you can either use the right arrow to select the 1st Event/Part of the given track, or you can trigger a Key Command signed to Select All on Selected Track (which is available by right-click, by default).

Why do you need this? What is your use case?

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‘Track Selection follows Event Selection; which is disabled by default’ how can i enable that?
why i need that? let say, if i have 30 trracks contain midi, audio and sampler. noe i want to edit particular midi event which i don’t no the track number. i use clt+F to find and select the track. but it didn’t select the event i have to do manualy.
It seems to be little. but for a scoring session there will be 90 track.