How to select audio folder

This feels really noobish but I can’t see it in the manual or in Google searches.

I have a project that I started on my ‘C’ drive. I have now saved subsequent versions of the project on a dedicated drive (‘H’) and will create all future projects on that drive.

However this one project now always records audio on my ‘C’ drive. Is there anyway to make the project point at a folder on my ‘H’ drive or can you only set this when you originally create the project?



you can open that project and back it up using the backup function in the File menu and point to an empty folder on your H: drive. Then, close the original project and open the backup - it should work as expected on the secondary drive now. Please, note that the imported audio files will reside in the ‘Audio_Import’ folder, whereas the new files will be added to the usual ‘Audio’ folder.

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Cheers, I’ll try that later.

Would it be a good idea to have a folder select button say in the Pool to make this easier? I can see the folder selection in the Pool but there’s no way to edit it in there.