How to select Audio Interface between two identical Audio Interfaces

I have two identical Audio Interfaces (UA Volt 4) and running Cubase 11 Pro.
Using one for Cubase and the other for Zoom calls like in this video (Cubase and Zoom - Is remote working with a DAW possible? - YouTube).

Got it all working fine and then Cubase automatically selected the “Zoom” interface and I could not figure out how switch it within cubase. I ended up simpy switching all my cables and it’s now working fine, but wanted to have a way to fix it if it happens again without switching all the cables.

There’s only 1 ASIO Driver listed in the Studio setup. I can see two devices in the control panel but it does not appear that selecting one here changes the Cubase is using them.
Thanks in Advance!

I believe naming devices is strictly a function of the driver, and that Cubase simply displays what the driver tells it to.

Maybe UA can help?

Thanks for the response! I have no idea how drivers work when there’s two Identical devices that run on the same driver. But it seems that both UA interfaces are using the same Driver. Is that possible?

That depends on the driver. The developer of a device can implement a Multi Client ASIO driver
and, there is ASIO4All – a generic driver that has that functionality.