How to select channels?

Is there a way to select more than one channel at a time? It seems like there must be since I see so much discussion of it. For example, from owners manual:
Using quick link:

  1. Select the channels you want to link.

What exactly is meant by select a channel? I can click on a channel in the mixer, which outlines it in red and brings it into focus. Is that it?



Yes, this if the selection. You can use Shift or Ctrl/Cmd modifiers to make the multi selection.

Oh I see. Thanks, that worked.
Now it would seem that I can only select multiple tracks that are adjacent in my mix display. Is that correct?

You can select non contiguous…using the standard selection mechansims for windows
SHIFT select for adjacent
CTRL select for non adjacent. You can also click ‘QLink’ to treat them all as a temporary group and eg control volumes of all etc

Holding shift down you can also just the left and right (up and down) arrow to add to selections. This applies both in mixconsole, editors and the project window ie its system wide

I get it now.
Thank you so much.