how to select/copy time signature change

I do a lot of copying and pasting (pieces/parts/whole) of projects from one to another. It’s pretty straightforward drop and drag. However, there are some cases where I have a 2/4 bar (or other time signature changes) in a project that I would like copied to the new project as well.

Is there a way to make that happen? A “select all/control A” gets me everything including tempo map/changes but I haven’t found the right keystrokes/mouse clicks to get the time signature changes to come along.

It becomes a factor when the sound I use for the downbeat in the click track is no longer on beat one. In the above example it gets switched to beat 3 when the time signature change occurs.

Thanks for any help.

I seem to remember that, for some inexplicable reason, it doesn’t always like copy/pasting with tempo events and time signature events simultaneously. So Copy/Paste your time signature track separately, after you’ve done the rest :wink:.

Thank you for the reply - your post helped me find what I needed. Been needing this ability for some time.

Your response eventually lead me to page 611 in the Cubase help file where it describes tempo and signature tracks - I didn’t even know there was a signature track. Turns out you can export and import tempo tracks as well but that wipes out the entire project’s tempo track and that’s another discussion.

It’s not as easy as drop and drag but it suits the very occasional use when I need to do that just fine.

I do look in the help files but if you can’t put the right word to what you’re looking for, it can be to find what you’re looking for.