How to select every 2nd MIDI clip on selected track only?

I have a repeated series of MIDI clips on a track.

I want to mute/unmute every 2nd clip, on that specific track.

I could go through manually and do it, but I figured there was a better way, using the Logical Editor perhaps?

(I’m completely new to the Logical Editor!)

Can anyone help me to work out how I can:

  1. toggle the mute status of every 2nd clip (in this case MIDI, but could work for audio too)
  2. Only on the selected track

Here is a quick screenshot, showing what I want. I’ve manually done the first 4. The red arrows show all the ones I want to do (and extend to the end of the project, faaaar offscreen to the right!)


I’m afraid there is no easy way in Cubase.

To speed it up at least a bit, you can make a Macro:

  • Navigation Right
  • Navigation Right
  • Mute Events

Then you can assign a Key Command to this Macro and hit it repeatadly untill you get to the end of your project.

Just to clarify there are several different Logical Editor variants. For your task it would be the Project Logical Editor (if it had worked for the task) because it manipulates stuff in the Project Window. The regular Logical Editor is used to manipulate stuff in the MIDI Editors. This can cause confusion when just starting to use them.

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