How to select every n-th note in a MIDI clip?

I very often find myself selecting every fourth note note in a MIDI event. I’m doing this manually by control-clicking on every note – which is a tedious task.

I’m sure there is an easier way to do this. I just had a look at the Logical Editor but I can’t figure out how to utilize it the right way.

What I wanna do is select every n-th note in a MIDI clip to then change their properties (velocity or whatever).

Any tips on this?

There’s a preset that gets you close.

Thanks, but unfortunately I don’t have any presets in my logical editor view.
Where can I find this preset and what’s the name?

You have bigger issues. See the sticky in the issues forum re; missing content.

Scratch that, do a search for missing presets to see how to fix it.

In Logical Editor

filter target: note
condition: Every Other Event
Parameter 1: Event Counter
Parameter 2: (n) the number in n-th

Thanks, I’m on a Mac this thread helped me get the presets:

Thanks, that almost does what I need. I’d like to select these notes: 1,9,17… (the first note in every bar of eight). The above solution will select notes number 8,16,24…
Is there a way to shift the selection by one?

Take a look at filter target: Position

The simplest one would be condition: Beyond cursor.

But explore this stuff, the Logical editor allows you basically to add features to the program. Quite enormous, and it has seen improvements for Cubase 7.

Unfortunately the nomenclature used is poor. Maybe it’s better in German.

Also, the order matters. It has to be Logical :wink: