How to select only the midi notes of a specific velocity in the in-place editor?


I recently received some midi drums from a band to mix with. They sent me the midi file and they have a problem, they come full of false hits that were triggered twice (the drums were not properly adjusted). There are a lot of hits that are at low velocity that are false hits. Is there a way to select only hits that are below a certain threshold of a stroke without having to select manually hit by hit? Thank you

Search “midi logical editor” in this forum or youtube/google - i dont know exactly off hand but it should be pretty simple. you can then set a key command too

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Yes, the Logical Editor is the way to go:

( Type Is | Equal | Note | And
Value 2 (Velocity) | Equal | wantedVaue )



This works! Thank you very much.