How to select specific track with Macro or MIDI remote

May be I am missing something here, but I can’t find a way to select a specific track with a macro (Project Logic Editor) or the MIDI remote. What I need is, for instance, to select track 1 when I hit Select button 1 on my control surface, and then do other things on the new selected track (1). Same with other tracks (2, 8, 12 - using fader bank, etc.).
The MacKie emulation in Cubase does exactly that, but I need to do more than just selecting the track.
Any hint ?

Not at Cubase at the moment, but: In the mapping Assistant, below the bank section, inside each channel, there should be a select option? That’s what I remember at least.

Below the Mapping Pages selector (if that’s what you are referring to) there is just the list of mapped functions.
In the functions browser of the mapping assistant, you can select Next/Previous track, but not a specific track (like 1, 2, 3,… in the mixer)


Mixconsole > Mixer Bank Zone > Channels > Channel “X” > Selected

Channel number is not absolute. It’s the position in the bank. So if you assign functions of channel 1, and assuming a bank of 8, those will also control channel 9, 17, 25 etc etc as you change banks.

I don’t see “Channel X”…

Yes. But you are in the right place. The “Selected” option just under “Record Enable” will select the channel when you press the assigned button.

The reason why you are not getting more channels might be your Mixer Bank Zone setup. Click on === Setup ===, and set the number to the number of channels you want to have in each bank

Edit: Create 8 audio tracks and see if the layout changes automatically to accommodate them.

Thanks for the hints. I will look into your suggestions and try them. But my version keeps on crashing and showing bugs with the MIDI remote. I am going to restart everything from scratch…

That’s a good idea. It might be worth it checking out and upgrading your plug-ins if you are getting constant crashes! And send those crash reports in when the safe mode screen pops up. Good luck!

OK. I managed to select tracks (most of the time…) with buttons from my control surface. I merely used the MIDI Remote graphic interface and the mapping assistant. Thanks for that :slight_smile:
But that answers only half of my initial problem: I want to do more than just selecting the track. For instance, what if I want to open the instrument editor for that track at the same time ? I was able to do that with a macro, using the name of the track. But that is obviously too specific.Is there something equivalent to what you showed me (using the mapping assistant) in the command list used to build macros ?
Or do I have to write a js script to do all the things I want (losing the ease of use of the graphic interface/mapping assistant) ?
Thanks again for your help.
[EDIT] for example I can select the “next” track with that method (macro), but not go directly to the 5th track in current bank…

This is a big discussion depending on what your MIDI controller is, what your priorities are, what your workflow is like. The amount of possible different configurations is endless, and deciding on a good remote page is very much doing astute observations on the way we work, and then deciding on which functions truly benefit our workflow.

For example:

You can do this in different ways. Just some ideas:

  • Assign one more button on your MIDI controller with the function “Edit Instrument”, but for the selected channel. So that you first press the 5th button that selects the 5th channel, and then that one button that Edits the Instrument of what channel is selected. I think that’s not too much work. I’d probably do it this way if I had the buttons to spare.

  • You could assign the fifth button to NOT select the channel, but directly “Edit Instrument” for it. It can do that. You can assign all 8 buttons of a bank to do that if you wish. It depends on which function you find more useful.

  • You could select channels via PLE name search and then “Edit Instrument”. This is a simple macro, you don’t even need the Remote for that.

I don’t think so. Macros just fire key commands or PLE and LE presets one after another. They do not interject MIDI messages. The MIDI remote is about giving us real time control of key commands macros etc on a surface, where it’s us that press the buttons and fire off the commands in sequence. You CAN assign existing macros and Ple/le presets to a knob/button, but you can’t build consecutive pushes of buttons and twisting of knobs into a macro.

First of all thank you very much for taking the time to reply :slight_smile:
Now regarding your suggestions, the first 2 do not answer the requirement: select a track AND open instrument at once. The third one is the one I already implemented (please see attachment below, selecting track 1 and opening the instrument) but, as I said, works only for a specific project. So I guess the answer, unfortunately is