How to select the audio range of the selected clip?

I have an audio montage that started out as a single long audio file with several songs, and I deleted the gaps between the songs, thereby creating a bunch of individual clips that I can drag around on the timeline.

I would like to place CD track markers at the exact start and end of each of these clips, but the Marker functions, like Create CD Track From Selection and Create/Name Region From Selection work on audio ranges, however selecting a clip does not select an audio range.

I figured, “simple, I’ll just select a clip, and then make an audio range selection based on that,” but I cannot find any such feature in the UI or the manual.

So, my real goal is: How to place CD track markers at the exact start and end of a clip?

But it seems like there HAS to be a way to create an audio range selection from a selected or focused clip in a montage. I just haven’t found it yet…

Double click in the upper half of a clip, to set the selected time range over the whole clip.

Create them near and slide them till they click. Remember that CD markers need to be on CD frame boundaries, though.


If it really turns out to be this easy I’m gonna kick myself.