How to select the tuplet numbers at once

I want to hide the tuplet numbers, but can’t figure out how to select all numbers at once. I currently select them individually with Crtl and Mouseclick and then the Tuplet property, but the selection takes some time. If I select the whole bar or the notes it won’t give me the Tuplet properties.
Also it seems that changing the Tuplet properties in the full score layout has no effect to the individual players layout and vice versa. If I hide the numbers in full score, they are still visible in the other layouts. Can I enfore that somehow, so I only have to do it once?

Selecting: here are some tools for making large selections, which you can combine with filters. However, a quick and easy one might be to select one tuplet number/bracket, then use Select More (Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-A) to extend the selection and pick up more tuplets.

Properties only affecting the current layout: here’s information about local vs global properties. You can change the property scope prior to setting them, and also propagate properties after setting them (if you changed a local property with the scope set to Locally but actually want the change to affect all layouts, for example).

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Thanks Lillie, it’s working fine now :slight_smile: