How to sell all my Steinberg products all on 1 eLicenser

I want to make sure I do this correctly to avoid and problems. I have 1 eLicenser that contains a license for Cubase 10 Pro, Padshop Pro extension and Granular Symphonies add on. I want to sell the whole bundle. Should I mail the eLicenser to the buyer and once they receive it, unregister the licenses from my account?

Or, what is the best way?

many thanks,

Greg K.

Take a look here:

The Resale Wizard is designed to assist in this I believe…

Thank you @planarchist! I did see that but it doesn’t address what to do to sell multiple licenses on one dongle. Just selling one license or separating out licenses from each other. Though I guess its possible I could use the single license guide for 1 eLicenser even though it contains multiple Steinberg products since I’m selling them together (hopefully)

I sold a license for Halion and HSO on a single USB eLicenser a couple of years ago. No issues. I would say, as you mentioned, the safest way is to wait until the buyer acknowledges receiving the dongle before unregistering it, just in case it is lost in the mail or they claim they never got it.

Sounds like you clicked the wrong option on this page:

I read both options. Neither specifically states multiple licenses if you read them carefully. Or maybe I didn’t read them carefully! But I’m pretty sure I did cause I was looking for confirmation on multiple licenses on one dongle, to sell them all with the dongle.

You overthinking this. Just put the licenses on a USB key and sell them. It’s just that simple. As jaslan suggests, register the Key in your SB account, and don’t release the registration until you have confirmed the buyer has the key in hand.

Yeh, thanks. Just trying not to miss any detail that might trip me up. Happened before. All clear now and thanks for the response!