How to sell Cubase academic version?

I’m gonna sell my academic copy of Cubase with the dongle and was wondering what I should do about the license. Do I even need to transfer it since Cubase works on any pc and mac that have the dongle connected and is fully upgradable to non-academic versions anyway?

Are you going to sell it to a student? If not then I think it is wrong.

Obviously you need to transfer the license to the dongle you sell your discs with.

Why would it be wrong? he can sell it to anyone he wants for any price he wants surly!

But the license is already on the dongle? Is there something else I need to do with the software?

Dinosaurs will reincarnate before you get a meaningful answer here. Contact support.

In fact, isn’t there a sticky on it somewhere in the forum complete with contact details?

There’s a re-sale wizard accessable through the Knowledge Base.

Well maybe your right its just that the academic version is cheaper so poor students can get access to it not so they can make some money by selling it :slight_smile:

I think you’ll find that at point of sale Steinberg is supplied a purchase discount code that the student obtains from his college which generally prevents wholesale abuse of the system.

Actually I just got it through a regular website and I’m not even sure if they asked for any proof that I’m really a student. An odd thing I encountered on many websites. Even Apple doesn’t ask for one. Only once did I had to provide my .edu mail.

There’s no issue with selling an educational version and transferring the license. It’s come up a few times before and one of the mods chimed in it was kosher.

How exactly do I get the wizzard cause this link isn’t working even-though I’m logged in.

The wizard wasn’t working last week either. It be broken.

So I’m going to sell C5 this weekend. Whats the best way to contact Cubase and whats the transfer license?

Some answers here in a previous post of mine. :slight_smile:

LOL! Oops.

Someone just told me that u don’t even need to contact Steinberg. All u have to do is delete ur online account so the buyer can reuse the license to make a new ones. Makes sense.