How to sell Educational CB 4 / grace period upgrade CB 5

Hi Everybody!

Here is my question:
I originally bought a educational CB4. I upgraded for free to CB5 during the grace period (CB5 came out shortly after I bought my CB4). The upgrade did obviously come without Steinberg key but I had the key from the CB4. I registered and used that with no problem. I some time ago bought a new computer and never installed the software on it.

I now want to sell the software. What do I have to know / do and as what do I sell this? Do I just ship the CB5 in the box with the Steinberg (USB-) key, do I include the original CB 4 box, what else?
Can I sell this to anybody or does the person have to be a student to be able to register?

Thanks in advance for your help!


There’s a transfer form at My Steinberg in the Knowledge Base.

Thanks for that hint.
I will need some more info though before being able to sell. I detailed my question a little better above.
I guess, key is whether the buyer has to be a student to be eligible to buy this.

Or is it advisable to first buy the upgrade to Cubase 6 (not educational) and then sell?

Please help.