How to send 2 mono tracks with diff. pan to 1 stereo insert?


I want to send 2 mono tracks from Cubase to Vienna Ensemble Pro (VePro) for FX.
Unfortunately, VePro have only stereo inputs. Ок, I need to send each mono track to 1 Vienna stereo input with different pan - L and R (it’s not possible, as I see). And in VePro I need split stereo pair to 2 mono tracks.
In post-fader insert slot on each track I open VePro Audio input plugin with input 1/2. But pan slider not works for insert - I can not to pan mono signal to send it to L or R in insert! I has tried to place mono files on both mono and stereo tracks - in all cases I have mono on VePro input. Is it possible to do? (It is possible to make interleave stereo files from 2 mono and all works, but I not like this manner - to interleave violin with flute)) In addition, it is not easy, if I have 40 mono tracks for mix in Vienna MIR. For now it possible to use one stereo channel to send 1 mono file to VePro - but this increases the number of channels in half…

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Not sure of exactly what you’re trying to accomplish…have you tried sending pairs of mono channels (panned as you want) in Cubase to a Stereo Group Channel and then sending this to VEPro?

Yes, it works! but it is extra movement, thought that this can be done without creating extra tracks/groups…)

If you often use similar set-ups for different songs you could set it up as a Template but otherwise, yes, it looks like you will have an extra step.

Depending on the version you use, send panning is possible, in Cubase