how to send a initial program and bank change

I am trying to set up each midi channel to have a default bank and program number to select a start instrument on those units.

I have entered the bank and program number on a midi track but this is not sent when the song is played or stopped or anything.

I have “reset on stop” set in midi preferences but that does not send the inital state.

I have tried opening the project which I read may be the cause of this problem but that has not worked either.

I can send MIDI patch changes to the equipment as I can record them and play them back so I know I midi is working OK.

I seem to remember a long thread about this in the old forum, I don’t remember if it was resolved, but you can use a workaround using the “Freeze Midi Modifiers” command.

On my system (see sig below) the program change is sent when I hit stop, reset on stop not necessary.

It would be nice if you could edit your forum profile at to contain you system specs.

List Editor

Guitman, are you recommending the OP add the commands to the list editor?

Freeze Midi Modifiers place the command at the beginning of the all the parts on tracks that have edited parameters in the top slot in the inspector.


Thank you for your reply and yes this does do what I want not the best answer but it does work, however I seem to have a problem getting this to work every time. I create a midi track and highlight the data in the track and then go to MIDI menu and “Freeze Midi modifiers” is available and I click it. Some times the new bank and program are entered in the track and others times not entered. Once the track does accept the midi commands it seems to be OK from that point on wards I can freeze the track again and again. If I create a new track the same can happen sometimes it works other times not.

I am using the new Cubase 7 Artist now and it has the same problem.

Why on earth, Cubase cant just send the midi modifier data on transport start every time I really can not understand or at least have a check box to allow the data to be sent, having to modifiy the track means the track have to exist before you can setup the modifiers.

Also can you set all of tracks at the same time assuming it works eventually?

I believe if all the tracks are selected then yes, all tracks at once. You do not have to have the parts selected.

Also, if you hit stop (even without Reset On Stop activated) I think it sends the program change command, have tried that, e.g., hit play then stop in succession?

Also, to clarify a bit, the only commands here are the bank and program change, the other stuff in midi modifiers are filters, so when you use the Freeze Midi Modifiers it alters the data on the track accordingly and places the commands at the beginning of the parts.