How to send channel back to itself in Cubase?

Is there a way to send a fx channel or audio in general back to itself in order to create a loop?

Here is a example of the fx delay technique I want to try in Cubase

edit: I now notice that he doesn’t actually send back to ITSelf, but from L channel to R channel and visa-versa. I’m still interested in how to achieve this in Cubase.

You need a soundcard that can loopback internally, or do a hardwired feedback loop. Cubase itself does not allow feedback loops…

I’ve asked for this feature many times over the years, but alas to no avail, pity…

Does anyone know any other way to do this in Cubase?
What is Protools doing that is different than in Cubase 7?

It does allow feedback loops.

As thinkingcap mentioned above - its easy enough to setup a feedback loop using an external soundcard for access within Cubase using VST connections/busses etc (i.e. as an alternative to routing it directly within Cubase) provided that you have 2 x spare mono outputs and 2 x spare mono inputs available (or 1 x spare stereo in/out etc) - do you?